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Specifically designed for off-road adventures, the upper of the Sidi Trace MTB Shoes is made from Politex, a material that is extremely resistant to tearing, stretching and fading. The sole is lightweight and stiff, providing excellent grip when you're the bike and as an added bonus, the toe area that usually wears out can easily be replaced.

A reinforced heel cup supports and holds your heel for a comfortable fit and optimal power transfer. The Sidi Trace MTB Shoes are built tough, ready to take on the roughest terrain and will help you push your limits for many years to come.


  • Material: Sole: Nylon with PU (Polyurethane) inserts; Upper: Politex
  • Sole: MTB RS17 Sole
  • Soft Instep 3 system
  • Tecno 3 system
  • Sidi heel cup


  • MTB RS17 Sole: Lighter and better performing the Sidi MTB RS17 Sole is made of nylon with PU (polyurethane) inserts. The shape of the sole tread has been specifically designed for mountain biking, it provides good grip, facilitates mud dispersion and provides the right stability. The central insert with the Sidi logo works to prevent slipping, practical and useful especially to the less experienced users. The toe area that is more subject to wear, especially when walking, can be replaced by screws and still offers the possibility to mount crampons to improve traction on particularly muddy grounds. RS17 represents the ultimate result in terms of stiffness for pedalling and flexion for walking.
  • Politex: The Politex material is constructed of several overlapping layers with different physical-mechanical properties, the compacted PVC is then coupled to two fabrics (knitted fabric + felt) that is then is film dyed for long-lasting colour retention. Politex offers strong resistance to ripping, laceration, stretching and fading. Politex is made in strict compliance with European regulations and is a totally green product.
  • Caliper Buckle: The micrometric closure called Caliper Buckle is adjustable by lifting the central buckle. In order to completely open, lift together both side buckles, or push the centre button to slightly loosen one tooth at the time. The system is also adjustable during a race.
  • Sidi Heel Cup: Reinforced cup that stabilises and supports the heel. Anatomically shaped plastic reduces heel slip and provides increased power transfer. Provides additional foot protection in the event of a crash.